We provide maintenance services with multidisciplinary teams, that helps the normal operation of a facility ensuring their availability and longevity, always aiming lower operating costs.

Main has a workshop repair capacity and intervenes in the areas of electrical, mechanical, lathe, welding automation and quality tests, among others.

Our workshop teams not only have personal affection to the workshop, but also mobile teams for interventions in place that allows our customer key-in-hand delivery.

Apart from our engineering team, we have a skilled technicians with extensive experience including:

  • Electromechanical
  • Electricians
  • Welders
  • Locksmiths
  • Mechanical
  • Electricians winders
  • Carpenters

We also have a range of measuring and analysis instruments that allows us to ensure periodic assessment on the location of various equipment in operation, which enable our customers to diagnosis of the state in energy consumption, equipment vibrations, deviations between phases, between other assessments that help to keep an overview of the state of the equipment.

To ensure the operability of the equipment we make preventive interventions according to plan, maximizing the maximum availability, and intervene when necessary. We have teams which periodically perform electromechanical analysis, such as vibrational analysis, electricity consumption analysis, among other types of specific analyzes that give us scientific objectivity to accomplish intervention in electromechanical equipment.

Main has a team with extensive engineering experience, which gives technical advice on the implementation of new solutions, either from the point view of design, maintenance, advice and decision support to new types of investments more profitable solutions for facilities of our customers. Our philosophy is always to be part of our client as a partner of Engineering in finding solutions that benefit both parties.

We prepare technical equipment and facilities audits, data collection and evaluation of the evolving state of maintenance of their organization in order to propose possible maintenance practices and drawing up their plans for improvement and investment.

Technical audits allow the manager has a real and objective overview of your installation, enabling quick and easy decision-making.